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If I only had a rooster,
he’d be worth a pretty buck,
I’d dress him in the finest suit
and name him Colonel Cluck,

And If I had a camel,
Hump-back Harry ‘d be his name,
he’d chew and spit the finest grit,
dance and wallow in his fame;

If I had a golden hen,
who’d lay a silver egg,
I’d build for her a copper pen,
and call her Penny-Peg;

If I had a spotted cow,
Milkshake Mary ‘d be her title,
she’d adorn a crown of horns
on a pede-stool for fools to idol;

And if by chance I had some ants
I’d give their queen a throne,
hail Victoria! I will not bore ya
naming each and every drone;

If I had a big blue dog
I’d name him Lavender
to keep the sheep, guard the yard,
be quite the scavenger

If, oh if I had a mouse
I’d spoil him just the same,
a wheel of swiss would be his house,
Sir Ulysses his name,

I wish, I wish I had a fish
with scales of emerald green
I’d place her in a crystal dish
and call her Miss Irene,

Never mind, instead of beasts
I’d rather have the seasons,
winter, spring, summer, fall,
what care you for my reasons?

Cut winter short, stretch summer long
keep fall and spring the same,
or maybe change their order ’round?
make it snow instead of rain?

Or better yet, I’ll have the Earth
and trade it for the Moon,
sit down to watch the show below,
and eat crow with silver spoon,

But all of this would be in vain
with not my dearest by my side,
I will not spare another day
without her smile, so I’ll decide;

Birds and beasts, trees to earth,
the heat of sun and cold of snow
but truly there is only one
who with old I wish to grow,

Rain to puddles, creeks
to rivers, ponds to lakes and sea,
if I could have all that I want
I’d keep her all for me,

So If by if and wish by wish,
behold the stars above,
that if I held them one by one,
I’d give them to my love

© 2013 Brandon Hildreth