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An abysmal crown,
The most hidden of hidden,
The giver of all;


Wise above all else,
The right face looks to receive,
Supernal father;

All understanding,
Our mother turns her left cheek,
Reflecting wisdom;

Father with mother,
Their vessels shine together
Infinite knowledge;


His loving kindness:
Does so repair all the world
With a warm right hand;

Her awe and judgment,
She casts out from her left hand
Strict severity;

Their beauty combined,
Twixt limits and compassion
A balance of soul;

Patient endurance,
His right leg holds fortitude,
Victory is his;

In all her glory,
She takes a submissive bow
Down on her left knee;

Upon foundation,
This connection, he and she,
As one creating;


Action becomes man,
Of flesh, matter and kingdom;
From dust, into dust.

©2015 Brandon Hildreth


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