The Great Gray Whale


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The sky, like a great gray whale
Has swallowed the town,
As he takes his deep, dark plunge,
The water drips down;

Seeping in through the cracks
At the corners of his mouth,
The waters trickle down our backs,
East, West, North and South;

In the morning we wake
When he comes up for air,
His blow hole opens wide
Somewhere up there;

It has a likeness to the sun
Except, the fog has it choked,
And it gives no drying warmth,
From head to toe we are soaked;

The dogs are all muddy,
Though, the trees remain green;
The floors in our houses
Are tracked and unclean;

All the children are bored
In their rooms like a prison;
Awaiting a sign, a rainbow,
A vision;

The cats are matted,
The birds do not sing,
The flowers are swimming,
It’s too cold to be spring!!

At night there’s no stars,
Pitch where the moon once hung,
It’s five days and counting that-
We’ve been perched on his tongue;

The weather man says
That we’ve needed the rain,
But another gray moment
Might drive me insane!

I hope and wish,
And I beg and I pout
For this big ol’ fish
To spit us out;

This big gray whale,
Otherwise known as rain,
Has left me with no other choice
But to complain;

It is what it is,
Suppose I’ll start building a boat,
For my family, my cats and my dogs,
Grab my coat!

This whale is a headache,
A wet, soggy one, that’s the truth!
For now, I guess we’ll remain
Stuck in his tooth

©2016 Brandon Hildreth


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