Poem #20


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I walked alone down a wooded path,
In the coldest grips of winter;
With troubled mind and troubled soul,
Through my heart felt like a splinter;

This path I’d trailed a dozen times,
Which now held no mystery;
Its twists and turns, the gravel’s crunch,
Were all as friends to me;

One day I came upon a bend,
Which I had trekked before;
And from the woods came such a sound,
(This day) I could not ignore;

I stilled myself and took a breath,
Exhaled a steamy cloud;
Then from the forest edge ahead,
The rustling sound grew ever loud;

I stood and watched to my delight,
Come tramping out into the clear;
A great surprise to my sore eyes,
Ten or fifteen white-tailed deer;

I observed in silence as they mingled,
For just a moment, maybe two;
Until spooked, up flipped their tails,
Just as a cold wind blew;

With content I watched them dart,
Across my path into the trees;
And it made me smile as I thought,
Still, familiar trails hold mysteries;

I began to notice all at once,
How the sun was shining bright;
The sky was blue, the air was crisp,
Weight upon my shoulders growing lite;

I continued along my wooded path,
Now with a smile upon my face;
I knew I’d heard the voice of God,
In not a shout, but whispered grace

©2014 Brandon Hildreth


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