Poem #11


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Spring, O’ Spring!
‘f it were a ring,
I’d wear it ’round my finger;

And it’d break my heart
To come apart,
Like honey bee from stinger;

Spring, O’ Spring!
If it were a jewel
I’d join it to a crown;

My King, my King,
The birds would sing
While circl-ing a-round;

If Spring, if Spring
Were a loud paint-ing,
I’d frame it on the wall-

Too remind the Summer
Of it’s youthful days,
To strike joy in the heart of Fall;

O’ Spring, my Spring!
How you climb and sing
Like the grapevine in the garden;

The birds will eat,
Insects retreat,
The spiders beg your pardon;

O’ Spring, there’s reason,
This fattened season
For nature’s grandest ball;

Spring O’ Spring,
You diamond ring,
You crown for one and all

©2014 Brandon Hildreth


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